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2017 ¬

Jan 15
TextLog is the best minimalist distraction-free content-focused Jekyll theme.

2016 ¬

Dec 29
This is simple how-to article demonstrating your Windows passwords are hackable in less than 5 minutes if you don't lock your computer.
Dec 29
Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter is simply a tool built in C# WPF to easily manage, asynchronously execute or learn PowerShell scripts.
Dec 28
Basically NotMe is an application that will verify either the person who is using my computer is me or not after I left it unlocked or idle.
Dec 26
SimpleLogger.cs is simply my super simple logger class I wrote for my own use in mini C# projects development.
Dec 25
A mini lightweight application created in .NET C# that will sit in your system tray for easy access to simply kill or end task any running application.
Dec 22
A lightweight application to crawl and list out all accessible directories within a target directory and output the result into a text file.
Dec 21
My PowerShell script for reading data from a serial port and export the captured data into a file.
Dec 18
Simple Arduino based project for monitoring and logging indoor temperature of my house. The application is built in .NET C# with live graph using OxyPlot.
Dec 17
Simple .NET console application to read and log serial data received from a serial port.
Dec 17
This is my singleton class code snippet called SerialPortManager, commonly used in my projects for receiving data via serial communication.
Dec 06
A very simple XML helper class I created for my own use in my C# projects to ease the data serialization and deserialization in open, readable dataset format.
Nov 27
Lambda expression helps me to write coding faster and shorter in C#. Let's learn how we can use lambda expressions, delegates, predicates and closures.
Jun 10
Minimalist and white clean Jekyll theme designed for engineers to write their ranting and findings.
Jun 05
MVVM.cs is a collection of Model-View-ViewModel design pattern common classes that can be implemented by any ViewModel.
Jun 02
Here are some sort of C# common coding practices I have been using in my coding style at work.
May 05
Check out the sample source code of Windows Console application in C# demonstrating multithreading programming.
May 05
This singleton pattern is very simple and perform well, best used with time-consuming operation class in C# programming.
Apr 20
This is demonstrating my own substitution cipher application built in C# WPF using my own encoding method to encode the plaintext message into the encrypted strings.
Apr 14
Installing Jekyll on Windows from Command Prompt with Chocolatey is very simple way to do and faster too.
Mar 30
Simple Exif Reader application is built in C# WPF to extract EXIF data from an image file for photography info purpose.

2015 ¬

Dec 04
Simple Pomodoro Technique timer application is a very simple .NET application created in C# WPF as a tool to time management and productivity at office.
Dec 01
Termie2 is a forked project of Termie, a simple RS232 terminal program built in C# WinForms.
Nov 16
Some tricks to create a single binary .EXE file with embedded external .DLL files using C# WinForms.
Oct 26
Turning your web browser into a Notepad by pasting this data URI hack into the web browser URL bar.
Oct 16
Tutorial on set up your own fully functional WAMP server on Windows without using any ready-to-use package like WampServer, XAMPP and whatnots.
Oct 07
Just some web colors guide demo I use as a color reference in web design for sometimes.
Oct 06
Git commands to clear all the messy, ugly commits history in a GitHub repository.
Oct 01
As of PHP version 5.5, password hashing in PHP app made easy as 4 new native functions (built-in) have been introduced.
Sep 21
Without using any PHP plugin or module, here's a simple trick to minify CSS code on-the-fly with PHP script.
Sep 18
One of the simple options and cheap to create a setup package (package installer) is by using using WinRAR SFX and Windows batch scripting.
Sep 10
Just another white clean minimalist Jekyll theme that focuses on writing matters.
Sep 02
Basic tutorial on how you can start developing WPF application using Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.
Aug 17
Here's how you should encrypt/decrypt your data in PHP and implement secure password hashing using PHP custom function.
Aug 11
Developing artificial intelligence application always be an interesting thing to do. AI chatbot is one of fun stuffs to experiment with.