About this theme

This is a demo of Heiswayi Nrird’s Barebone Jekyll theme. The simplest Jekyll theme I ever made. This theme has no SASS. No SCSS file needed for this theme. However, this theme has few CSS code inline directly into the <head>...</head>. The purpose of these CSS code is just to create a basic structure of the blog layout.

Supported layouts

This theme supports following layouts for writing;

  • page - For static page, e.g. this page.
  • post - Layout for writing your essay, or blog post. You should focus here.

Captioned image

This theme implements include tag where you can use in your markdown to insert an image that has a caption.


    include figure.html 
    caption="Fossil Creek Reservoir, Fort Collins, CO (<a href=''>source</a>)"
  • _includes\header.html - You may edit your site navigation here.
  • _includes\footer.html - You may edit your footer, or site copyright here.